Brown Date Garden
Family-owned date farm in Southern California, with retail mail orders to U.S. addresses

SCAIHA (graphics)
Southern California AIHA; industrial hygiene professionals

William Beaumont Family
Genealogy includes Dr. William Beaumont, first U.S. physiologist.

Border Clan Scott
History for 29 generations (nine centuries) of Scotts. Family includes poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott.

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Each week, we highlight a historic or famous person named James. This week's famous James is:

James A. Moss (born May 12, 1872 - died April 23, 1941) U.S. Army officer who commanded African-American troops for 18 years, including the Bicycle Corps a two-year experiment in using bicycles instead of horses for Army transportation. The all-black 25th Infantry bicycled from Montana to Missouri; the trip covered 1,900 miles over rough terrain, including sand and snow. At Yellowstone in 1897, one day the troops spent six hours cycling and seven hours repairing rotted tires. Each Spalding bicycle weighed about 59 pounds fully loaded, plus each person carried a 10-pound rifle and ammunition; the handlebars did not have shock absorbers, and riders often had numbing pain over rough roads. Despite all the hardships, the experiment showed that a bicycle could travel twice as fast as cavalry and infantry under the same topographical conditions, at one-third the cost; still, because of poor roads and an abundance of horses, the Army chose to not use bicycles. Moss wrote "The Officer's Manual," "The Origin and Significance of Military Customs," and 24 other military books. Graduated from West Point in 1894.

The name "James" is the English equivalent of Jacob; the first Jacob in the Bible was the patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel. "James" is consistently among the most popular names for boys in the U.S.

Plural form of James: According to the Carnegie Mellon Style Guide, "Form plurals of family names that end in 's' by adding 'es.'  Right: The Jameses live in Edgewood."  See also


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